'Challenge' Vet Katie Cooley's Baby: Coming To A Theater Near You!

At least, that's what her creative announcement suggests.

Screw "Hunger Games" -- if you want some true entertainment this box office season, stay tuned to Katie Cooley's saga.

The "Challenge" vet, who announced her marriage to Cory Cooley last year, is expecting a baby! Yup, she and her hubby recently announced the news on Twitter in truly cinematic fashion, and we can't wait to plop down on a recliner with a tub of popcorn and see how this one plays out!

Katie Cooley's Twitter


"YAY!!! Best announcement yet :)" Katie tweeted with the photo above, in which she and the coming attraction's dad are the stars of a mock-"Baby Begins" film. And it looks like Katie's former "Challenge" pal Coral Smith, who gave birth, herself, last winter, is already a huge fan of the production.

"Congrats on the baby! We're old! Married with kids and sh**. You're gonna love every second of it! Breastfeed and wear your baby!" the former champ tweeted. Sounds like a rave review to us!

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