Hayley Williams Joins Chvrches’s Superhero Posse In ‘Bury It’ Video

‘Bury it and rise above’ ... <i>literally</i>

Last month, Chvrches recruited Paramore singer Hayley Williams for a remixed version of their Every Open Eye track “Bury It.” Now, Williams joins the Scottish synth poppers for a charming, animated video that takes the hook’s “bury it and rise above” directive very literally.

The comic-inspired clip opens with Lauren Mayberry and bandmates Iain Cook and Martin Doherty testing their telekinetic powers on a city rooftop. After levitating random objects like toasters and CDs with their minds, Williams joins the fun and becomes a real-life Halley’s Hayley’s Comet. Soon enough, the four of them are flying around the sun-kissed city, leaving a glowing trail of fire and thrill in their wake.

The “Bury It” video was created by Chvrches’s longtime artistic collaborator, Jamie McKelvie, and animated by Mighty Nice. The Williams-featuring version of the track will be featured on the extended version of Every Open Eye, out July 29.

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