Here's Why Alec Baldwin Can't Actually Leave Public Life

Actor has four movies in the works, numerous charities.

Alec Baldwin is leaving public life... But probably not for a few more years. The prolific actor recently posted a goodbye letter on, taking everyone from MSNBC anchors to fellow actors to task, and promising to quit the spotlight permanently. But how possible is it, really, for Baldwin to leave?

Given he already has numerous projects in the works, it's going to be a slow retreat from the media:

The Oscars

With the Academy Awards coming up on March 2, and Baldwin co-starring in the heavily nominated "Blue Jasmine" there's every reason to think he might show up for the ceremony. If he does, may we suggest he takes a page from fellow "retired from public life" movie star (and target in his Vulture letter) Shia LaBeouf, and put a bag over his head?

"Torrente 5"

Earlier this month Baldwin signed off for a villain part in Spanish comedy/action sequel "Torrente 5." It's possible he could drop out of the project now, but with the film due later this year chances are he'll stand by his commitments. Maybe he's not retiring from public life in Spain?

"Untitled Cameron Crowe Project"

Baldwin also has a role in the mysterious "Untitled Cameron Crowe Project," which does not currently have a release date... But is finished filming. Granted, with an all-star cast that includes Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams and more, the onus won't be on Baldwin to do the publicity rounds; but its always possible he could show up for a media tour. At the very least, he'll be on movie screens again before the end of the year.

"Caught Stealing"

Baldwin is reteaming with "The Cooler" director Wayne Kramer for the noir thriller, playing a "sadistic cop" who tries to get treasure from a former baseball star played by Patrick Wilson. This started filming on November 6, 2013 so chances are it's already filmed. Given Baldwin's relationship with Kramer, and the dearth of stars in the movie Baldwin almost has to do press for this. It's currently scheduled for release this year as well.

"Still Alice"

Moving into 2015, Baldwin recently signed on for the novel adaptation "Still Alice" with Kristen Stewart, Julianne Moore and Kate Bosworth. In the movie, Moore develops early-onset Alzheimer's, with Baldwin playing an unknown doctor role. With production slated to start in New York in early March, this one is certainly up in the air; though with the number of New York-based older male actors, the production's choices are pretty slim to potentially replace Baldwin. Just kidding.


Beyond all of his film work, Baldwin donates to numerous charities and has lent his voice to PETA propaganda in the past. He could certainly just anonymously donate money from now on, but we seriously doubt the famously political actor would shun all appearances in the future, particularly when that could seriously hurt his causes.

"30 Rock 2020: The New Class"

This is not a real thing.

What do you think? Will Alec Baldwin be able to shun the spotlight for long?

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