Is A Denzel Washington Bus Movie Inevitable?

With 'Flight,' the Oscar-winner adds another mass-transit drama to his résumé.

In "Flight," the new film from Robert Zemeckis, something unbelievable is demanded of Denzel Washington's character, Whip Whitaker. After a coke and booze bender, the commercial airline pilot finds himself in the middle of a mid-air disaster and has to find a way out of it.

The way in which Whitaker saves the flight -- by inverting the plane -- is both remarkable and what causes concern when his astonishing blood alcohol content is discovered after the landing.

"Flight" has already earned rave reviews from some of the nation's top critics, most of which point to Washington's performance as the film's greatest strength and perhaps the best of the decorated actor's career.

When MTV News caught up with the Oscar winner, he shared his experiences training for "Flight" in order to make the incredible feats of flying believable. In preparation for the shoot, Washington trained with the same method that real-life pilots use.

"I didn't literally get to fly a plane, but we worked in these flight simulators, which is what they actually train on," Washington said. "That was great. That was cool."

With "Flight" now on Washington's resumé, this is another film that involves him doing something daring on some form of mass transportation. After "Unstoppable" (train) and "The Taking of Pelham 123" (subway), Washington had to wonder if there was any other area of mass transit that he will have to cover soon.

"Is there anything left?" he said. "Maybe I'll do a bus movie."

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