Teddy Geiger Announces Transition: 'This Is Who I Have Been For A Looooong Time'

The singer-songwriter has recently worked with Shawn Mendes on his biggest hits

In 2006, singer-songwriter Teddy Geiger scored a platinum hit with the debut single, "For You I Will (Confidence)," canny bit of folk-pop that channeled John Mayer. Since then, Geiger has remained busy in music, co-writing songs for One Direction (like the dynamite "Little Black Dress") and Shawn Mendes (like, well, every single one of his big hits).

Geiger also maintains an active social media presence with a strong connection to fans. That's why one of them asked recently, "Why do you look different lately?" And Geiger took the opportunity to respond with a big announcement: "Okay... because u asked nicely... I am transitioning."

"I started talking about it with a couple close friends and family about a month ago and it's given me the courage to start the process," Geiger continued in the response, which was posted as a separate Instagram photo. "I feel like the next step is to tell y'all. So here goes."

"Love it or hate it this is who I have been for a looooong time," Geiger wrote to sign off in the note. "I love u guys."

You might remember Geiger's part in the 2008 film The Rocker alongside Emma Stone (who also appeared and sang on the Partridge Family show), Josh Gad, and Rainn Wilson. You also may recall Geiger's "For You I Will" video because it stars Laguna Beach's Kristin Cavallari as the gal Geiger keeps a quiet eye on. Revisit that below.

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