Zayn Malik Tells Naughty Boy To ‘Stop Pretending We’re Friends'


UPDATE: Naughty and Zayn's relationship may officially be dead, because Zayn Malik and Naughty Boy have unfollowed each other on Twitter. Zayn was the first one to make the move with the music producer following shortly after. Naughty has yet to publicly comment on Zayn's remarks.

It looks like Zayn Malik and Naughty Boy may have had a bit of a falling out.

The former One Direction star took to Twitter on Monday (July 13) to slam his music collaborator, calling him a "fat joke" that is pretending that the two are friends.

Fans seem to think Zayn, who may or may not have been hacked, may be a bit upset after a snippet of his cover of Rae Sremmurd​’s "No Type" was mysteriously leaked online a few months ago.

And they may be right, judging by what Zayn tweeted afterwards saying that "he should learn how to use logic."

This is getting ugly.

Naughty Boy, who told Capital FM in June that Zayn was making a "soulful record," has yet to respond to Zayn's tweets, but the Directioners sure have, trending the hashtag #ZAYNHASNOCHILL.

Zayn and Naughty Boy's musical relationship began shortly before he left One Direction back in March, and it's been filled with drama ever since. That same month, the producer retweeted a video mashing up Zayn and Naughty for the moniker “Zaughty,” which riled up the fans. Former bandmate Louis Tomlinson and Zayn got in a back-and-forth Twitter fight in April, and let's not forget when he told Louis to stop making "bitchy comments" about his life in May.

Something tells me this has "to be continued" written all over it.

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