The Twi-Fight Saga: Cast Your Vote Now!

The first round of MTV News' epic 'Twilight' showdown starts today.

It's every vampire, werewolf and human for him/herself in the epic showdown we're calling The Twi-Fight Saga, kicking off today!

As the blockbuster, bloodsucking film franchise draws to a close with the premiere of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" on November 16, we're asking you to pick the #1 character from Stephenie Meyer's canon of sexy supes and mere mortals. (A whopping 64 are represented here!)

Will top seeds Edward, Bella, Jacob and Alice advance to the next round and be among the last ones standing in the Final Four? Or will a dark horse, like Renesmee, Riley, Jasper or Carlisle take a bite out of the frontrunners? You decide!

As part of the preceding, MTV News rounded up a panel of "Twilight" experts, including this writer, NextMovie's Breanne Heldman and's Maggie Coughlan, to weigh the contenders' chances and offer insight into the first-round match-ups. Click play on the video to sink your teeth into their commentary, then visit to cast your vote.

Vote for your favorite "Twilight" character, discuss and share on Facebook and Twitter in the "Twi-Fight Saga" interactive bracket!

The first round of The Twi-Fight Saga runs through Thursday, October 25, when the field will be narrowed to 32 and voting will begin again. The rounds will continue through Thursday, November 8, when just two characters will go face-to-face in our Championship Round. The ultimate winner of The Twi-Fight Saga will be announced Monday, November 12.

Remember, it's all up to you! Your favorite "Twilight" character needs you! Head on over to now to cast your vote!

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