'Awkward' Development: Aunt Ally Has A Brand-New 'Lil' Bitch'

Who's taking Jenna's place?

As Awkward's Jenna Hamilton grows up and assumes new titles -- college student, writing fellow -- she’s very happily leaving another behind: Aunt Ally’s “Lil’ Bitch.”

Since the show’s first season, Barret Swatek’s partying character has intently groomed Jenna into her personal punching bag. We’re still not exactly sure why, or how, Jenna came to reflexively shout “How high?” when instructed to jump. Either way, her tenure is officially over, and in an interview with MTV News, Swatek says that in coming Awkward episodes, Aunt Ally will have a brand-new target.

“This season, Ally has a new lil’ bitch, and that lil’ bitch is Jake,” Swatek says in the video above.

Yup, though Jake was once Palos Hills High School’s most promising pupil, he decided to forfeit a year at college in favor of getting a townie job, and Swatek says that he’ll unwittingly put himself directly in Ally’s crosshairs when Awkward returns. Need proof? Look at the ass-pinch from the newest trailer, which Swatek notes was actually a fun bit of improv between her and Brett Davern.


But how did the risque move come about? Watch the clip above to find out, and be sure to tune in to the Awkward premiere on March 15 at 10/9c!

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