13 'Shadowhunters' Fans Who Are Totally Obsessed With Clary's Hair

Katherine McNamara's hair is so on point.

Nothing is certain in life -- except for death, taxes and outrage culture.

When adapting a popular YA series for the small screen, fans' high expectations are par for the course. Everything is scrutinized, from hair color to fashion choices. That's just how the Internet works. Case in point: Clary Fray's red tresses in Cassandra Clare's "Mortal Instruments" series.

With ABC Family's "Shadowhunters" currently in production, Katherine McNamara's red locks are a serious topic of debate for fans. While Clare herself never specified what color red Clary's hair is supposed to be, the passionate TMI fandom created has come to a consensus: red. Yep. That's right. Whether it be bright orange, auburn or the kind of red that could only be described as "cherry pie filling," red is red.

McNamara and her on-screen mom Maxim Roy (Jocelyn Fray) represent two different sides on the red spectrum, and they're both gorgeous. Just LOOK at these beauties:

The family who slays together, stays together... ➰ @Mllemaximroy @shadowhunterstv @abcfamily #Shadowhunters

— Katherine McNamara (@Kat_McNamara) May 27, 2015

So let's stop fighting over shades of red and appreciate McNamara's fan-freakin-tastic hair. We heard she does hair commercials... in Japan. (JK. We just really wanted to make that "Mean Girls" reference.)

Here are 13 "Shadowhunters" fans who can't stop obsessing over Clary's perfect hair. Haters to the left.

Let's just get one thing straight: Clary's hair is perfect.

Absolutely perfect.

Even those who don't believe in hyperbole say so.

It's instantly iconic.

Fantastic, even.

It sets a new precedent for #hairgoals.

Some fans were reminded of vegetables.

Others, of their own hair.

A plucky few were so inspired, they even turned "Clary" into an adjective.

Heard of that's so Raven? Well, now it's so Clary.

Still, they were all united by their undying love for Clary's fiery locks.

Unconditional love.

And they'll defend their devotion until the very end.

Clary's hair is so on point, there's only one explanation for its perfection:

Case closed.

Slay on, Clary Fray.

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