Daniel Radcliffe Raves About 'Driven' Emma Watson's HeForShe Campaign

The "Victor Frankenstein" star knew she had it in her.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Many of us who grew up with Emma Watson as the glamorous female lead of the "Harry Potter" movies might have been just a little bit surprised when she morphed into a celebrity feminist icon, most notably as a United National Women Goodwill Ambassador. Most actors her age, after all, tend to spend their time striking while the iron is hot by doing five movies a year, instead of preparing incredible speeches about gender equality for a room full of suits.

One person who wasn't remotely surprised by Emma's transition into advocacy, however, was the Boy Who Lived himself: Daniel Radcliffe.

"No, I suppose I didn't find it surprising," he told MTV News during a recent press day for "Victor Frankenstein." "Emma's always been very driven and socially conscious, and highly articulate. It came as no surprise that she would enter this field as well."

In other words, she'd make Hermione (and Crookshanks) proud.

For what it's worth, Radcliffe also told Nylon earlier this year that he's shocked that Watson's HeForShe campaign, which encourages men to join the fight for intersectional gender equality, is even necessary in this day and age.

“I think it’s fantastic that she’s bringing attention to it and adding to the conversation," he said. "I also find it bemusing, honestly, maybe because I have cool parents with a very equal marriage and have had good role models all my life, but I thought this was done,”

"Victor Frankenstein" hits theaters on November 25.

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