'The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds': Hands-On With The New 3DS Game

Fans get a heaping dose of nostalgia with the latest 'Legend of Zelda' game.

Along with Super Mario, Zelda is one of those titles that has been burned in our brains over decades of fantastic games. The latest, "The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds" takes players on a brand new epic journey, and we've got all the highlights:

Back In The Day

"A Link Between Worlds" might not be a direct sequel, but the influences of previous games cannot be denied. The look and feel of the land as well as the enemies, bosses, and items are all reflections from the Super Nintendo days. Yep, the map of Hyrule you knew from "A Link to the Past" returns with a few minor tweaks to the layout. Nearly every winding path or hidden secret or dungeon entrance can trace its roots to days of yore

Drawn To Life

The biggest new game mechanics is a power to transform into a living work of art. Well, art might be a little thick here but a living drawing nonetheless. During a fateful event early in the game, Link gets struck by a magical bolt intended to destroy him. Instead, it gives him the ability to affix and traverse nearly any flat surface. The main use of this power is to solve a myriad of puzzles and also to travel through paper thin rifts to the mirror world of parallel world Lorule. Like, Hyrule, Lorule has a similar layout but with a darker, sinister twist. Turns out the fates of both kingdoms are entwined and you, as Link, must find a way to beat back the forces of evil.

Rent To Own

The biggest departure from the classic formula is the introduction of a rental shop. For all your princess and Triforce-rescuing needs, a new entrepreneurial ally, Ravio, has you covered... For a price. Typically, you'd have to dive headlong into a scary dungeon to find magical and mighty equipment. Not anymore! Ravio will lend you everything you need for modest sum; however, if you fall in battle all your items will be returned and have to be rented again. Of course, you can always purchase the item for the full price.

Shh, It's A Secret To Everybody

Hyrule and Lorule are riddled with secret caves, hidden treasures, and a bunch of side quests. The main quest tasks Link with recovering seven sages, rescuing Princess Zelda, and bringing peace to the realm. But along the way, you'll explore a world full of loot and people that need help.

A Fresh Look

Despite the callbacks and retreads, "Between Worlds" is rendered in brilliant and vivid colors with a fresh coat of paint that maxes out the power of the 3DS. Speaking of, the 3D looks great on the small screen and adds a little extra neat visual layer. It's not mandatory, but the effect makes the game's graphics really pop.

Our Recommendation:

BUY IT! "The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds" is a fantastic game for the 3DS. Veteran players will love the nostalgia, and newcomers will get a welcome taste of an older, but still amazing game.

"The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds" is now available in stores from Nintendo.

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