Pauly D Just Became The Unofficial Tooth Fairy

Find out how the 'Jersey Shore' star is earning this special title

Pauly D is a DJ, the master of cabs are heaaahh and a hair icon with that blowout. Now, the Jersey Shore star -- who will be back on MTV for a brand-new family vacation in 2019 -- just earned the title of unofficial tooth fairy.

How? It all started when Sophie, a fan of Pauly's, shared a video following the removal of her wisdom teeth. In the clip, as seen below, she really wants to hear some Pauly during a post-procedure car ride.

"I love Pauly D so much! I miss him!" she sobs in the Twitter video.

But she won't miss him for much longer. Pauly saw her clip and had a special response, which you can view below. And yes, this is better than some cash under the pillow following a regular tooth loss.

Watch his heartwarming message, then stay with MTV News for more Jersey Shore updates!

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