Christina Milian Reveals Why She And Lil Wayne Are The Perfect Match

The stars aligned for this one.

Christina Milian repeatedly denied that she was dating Lil Wayne early in their relationship, but these days she's much more open about her feelings for him.

During a recent visit to London, the singer chatted with Mad Max TV about why they're so compatible.

"We're actually very much alike and that's the beautiful thing about it," she said. "You just actually don't imagine that [right] out the gate, our similarities -- we're two very passionate people, about life, about family, about our hard work, about what we love, about music. He's a fantastic person. Very, very sweet."

She even added that their fate might've been written in the stars.

"We're a day and a year part as far as our birthdays, so I feel like even just being a little bit older and just the closeness of being Libras...I feel like I know him through myself. It's kinda been proven, personally, between us, that that is the case. We get along perfectly."

When asked about Weezy's ex, Karrine Steffans, however, Milian wasn't trying to spend much time on that subject.

"The thing with that situation is, I feel like that name shouldn't even be in the category or in the same sentence as my name," she said. "I feel like we're two different levels.