Kelly Clarkson Realized She Was 'Complete Crap' After Having a Baby

The pop star didn't 'like me' before having River Rose.

Kelly Clarkson may have arguably the cutest baby ever, and seems to be having the best time being a mom, but the road to get to where she is was a rocky one.

"I was hospitalized," Kelly told BBC Radio 1 of her pregnancy. "It was just kind of a bad pregnancy, so I had to take off way more time than normal."

But the good far outweighs the bad, since Kelly absolutely loves being a mom to "pretty awesome" River Rose, and plans on expanding her family, whether her husband, Brandon Blackstock, likes it or not.

"My husband is running from me because I want another one," she joked before adding. "Not right now, but I want another one in like a year."

But right now she's focusing on juggling motherhood with her new music. On Monday, Kelly released "Heartbeat Song" off her upcoming album, Piece by Piece, which she said is an "evolution" and something she started working on while pregnant.

"I made the album while pregnant. I thought my little girl was gonna come out just like, 'Shut up,'" she said. "All my songs are huge and she was probably hating it."

That doesn't seem to be the case since Kelly admits that her 7-month-old daughter loves "loud music to go to sleep to." Think Kelly sings "Miss Independent" to River as her lullaby? I sure hope so.

"She's the perfect tour baby," she said of River, who adorably introduced Kelly's latest single in this video. "She goes to rehearsals and when we all start playing she goes to sleep and when we stop she starts crying."

Kelly admits that having a baby has also taught her a thing or two about herself, admitting that she didn't "like me before" she had River.

"I guess I'm annoyed by my previous self. You know, you have a baby and you realize how much of a complete crap you were sometimes. Not like a complete crap, but you worried about stupid stuff," she said. "I've never been like horrible. I guess just in our job, in the entertainment world, you get very self-involved. Everything is about you, so it's nice to have a different perspective. It's just funny, I'm like, 'I kinda don't like me before!' But I like me now."