Shut Up And Dance To This Mash-Up Of 2015's Top Songs

Mash-up? Yes please. Won't you come and put it down on me?

Do you love music so much that you just want to listen to it all at once? DJ Earworm's musical mash-up of the best tunes of 2015 lets you do exactly that.

Of course, December means holiday cheer, but it also means celebrating all the top tracks that came out in the past year. It's become a holiday tradition of the mash-up maven (a.k.a. Jordan Roseman) to sew together the, well, ear worms from the past 12 months -- 50 ear worms, to be accurate -- into one comforting quilt.

You'll hear every song from "Sorry" to "Can't Feel My Face" to "Worth It" to "FourFiveSeconds" to "Stitches" to "Only." "Sugar" and "Shut Up And Dance" make up the incredibly funk-driven chorus (yes, "Uptown Funk" has its place in there too). Listen to see how many songs you can pinpoint:

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