How Many Of These 12 April Fools' News Stories Had You Fooled?

What a day.

I almost got caught this morning. Bad.

I was doing my usual early morning survey of the 'net, checking out what had gone on since I had fallen asleep the night before, and came across some exciting news: A picture of the cover of Kanye West's new album, as well as a photo of the album packaging and track list.

It was posted on a legit-looking Facebook page that was purported to be of Yeezy's close associate, Virgil Abloh.

I almost wrote the story. Until I realized, thankfully (though also sadly -- just drop your damn album, Kanye), that it was fake.

That wasn't the only story that tried to get us on this Apr. 1, the occasion of the equally-maligned and celebrated April Fools' Day.

It's one thing for brands to try to fool us (or RateMyProfessor, with their new rating scale using cat faces -- why can't this be real?). And plenty of them do it -- half the time it seems like these companies spend most of their marketing money and brainpower on this day. Right now, that's not the concern. Instead, let's shine the light on media outlets and artists themselves who have tried to trick the world today.

Reader beware.

Here's Kanye West's album cover and track list

Not even a little. Thanks, Internet.

Look, Kanye and easyJet teamed up for the YeezyJet

The Fader screenshot, via High Snobriety


I would book. There's a website and a phone number and everything. But it's not possible. Thanks, High Snobriety.

Kanye's water bottle has arrived

I mean, I don't think this is real? Thanks, Complex.

Let's keep it in the family and join Kim Kardashian as host of the the first ever Selfie Awards

If only. Thanks, Refinery29.

Rounding out the clan, North West is on the cover of Vogue Kids

It's only a matter of time 'til she gets mag covers. But not yet. Thanks, Fashionista.

Justin Timberlake confirms an *NSYNC tour

Getty Images

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Sure, I'll go. Thanks, WYRK 106.5.

Sam Smith is straight

No he's not. Thanks, Sam Smith.

Ryan Gosling is starring in a "Die Hard" reboot

Getty Images

Keep waiting. Thanks, JoBlo.

Stephen King will be writing for the new season of "The Walking Dead"

Getty Images


Don't count on it. Thanks, Stephen King.

MF DOOM and Flying Lotus are putting out a joint album

Nope. No they're not. Thanks, Fact Mag.

John Green is coming out with a new book

It did fool his American publisher, but not happening. Thanks, Australian Penguin Teens.

Get ready to see Simon Cowell on the 5 pound bill in the U.K.

He did bring us One Direction, after all, so it would be understandable. Thanks, The Sun.