Kim Kardashian Stole A Bunch Of Kylie Lip Kits And Gave Them Away To Fans

She’s a modern-day Robin Hood

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian dropped by Kylie Jenner's New York pop-up shop. You might think she was there to show support for her sister, but she was really there to encourage ... SHOPLIFTING!!!

She stole a bunch of the "Head Over Heels" shade, and handed them out in the spirit of Valentine's Day.

Wow, truly a modern-day Robin Hood.

But ... is this an act of goodwill? Or is it yet another attempt to sabotage her sister's income? Last spring, when Kylie first debuted her cosmetics line, Kim visited the lip kit factory and mischievously announced that she was going to give all the inventory away for free.

OK, sure, fine. This is probably all in good fun and definitely not a malicious act of power to show Kylie who is really the boss. As a committed journalist, I am on the edge of my seat as I anticipate Kylie's reaction. I will update you accordingly.

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