Marvel Has Announced Their New Spider-Man, So Let's All Freak Out

I think I just webbed in my pants.

For months, rumors have been circulating about which actor Marvel would be casting as their new Spider-Man. And now, we finally know. It's Tom Holland.

And not only that, Jon Watts ("Cop Car") will direct! Eek.

Yup, Tom Holland is going to step into the webs already worn by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield before him... But this time, with the big difference that this Spider-Man will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In case we lost you with the last three terms, even though Spider-Man and The Avengers were both created by Marvel, and are in comics published by Marvel, and often hang out together on the page... On screen, they were (and technically are) owned by two different studios: Sony and Disney. So until recently, they were unable to interact in film.

With "Amazing Spider-Man 2" under-performing at the box office (though mind you, it still made almost $709 million worldwide), Sony moved quickly to make a deal with Disney to bring the webslinger into the Marvel Universe proper -- first with a (unconfirmed) cameo/role in "Captain America: Civil War," and then with his own solo movie in 2017.

The big difference between this Spider-Man, and previous iterations, is that he's supposed to b a kid. Though both previous actors started their portrayals in high school, they were much older: Maguire was 27 by the time the first movie came out, and Garfield was almost 29.

And the studios, in this case, have cast much younger. Tom Holland is 19, which will contrast with Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Evans and the rest of the Avengers, for the first time bringing the young hero experience into Marvel Studios' upcoming films.

So what do you think? Good choice? Or the best choice? And are you looking forward to the new Spidey suiting up to team up with Iron Man and/or Captain America?