Not Everyone's A Hater! Snooki's Got Nothin' But Love For Amanda Bynes


Amanda Bynes has a lot of bad-mouthers, but Snooki ain't one of 'em.

Amanda Bynes may have her Internet detractors, but she's got major support coming from where it really counts: Jersey. In a new Celebuzz video, Snooki gives big ups to the former Nickelodeon star, whose racy tweets and selfies have earned her plenty of critics as of late.

Never one to back down when confronted with a bully, the "Snooki & JWOWW" star had the following to say about Amanda: "She's comfortable with herself right now. No, she's not working, yeah, she's just strolling around the city doing whatever she wants, but...that's what she wants to do." Preach! While Snooks has come a long way since her days of living it up at the "Jersey Shore," transforming herself into a successful businesswoman and responsible mom, she definitely knows a thing or two about when to give them the middle finger. And this time, she's flipping the bird on behalf of someone else who maybe needs a few friends right now.

"I like the fact that Amanda Bynes is strange and she owns it," Nicole says. "I do what I want, and that's exactly what Amanda Bynes is doing. So, Amanda Bynes, I love you. Keep doing what you're doing, girl, and you've got my support."

Ya hear that, world? Show some respect as Amanda flies her freak flag at full mast, and get off your high horse!

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Photo: @amandabynes/Getty Images

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