Lorde Doesn't Want A Cute Name For Her Fans

'I have discouraged it,' Lorde says of attempts to dub her fans 'The Disciples.'

Katy can have KatyCats, Gaga should enjoy the Little Monsters, Justin is welcome to hang out with the Beliebers and Rihanna can set sail with her Navy.

But Lorde has zero interest in coming up with some cutesy nickname for her followers. The 17-year-old New Zealand star recently told Look magazine that he's kind of annoyed by attempts to give her fans a generic nickname.

"I find it grating to lump everyone into a really awkward, pun-centric name," she said about attempts to find a cool catch-all to call her fans. "People joke about it on Twitter, 'You should call us The Disciples.' Never! I have discouraged it. I've tweeted multiple times, 'No fan name, I do no condone this.'"

And if you think this is a new thing, Lorde's been saying this since well before "Royals" helped her became massive. Way back in April of last year she promised that she would "NEVER" name her fans.

i will NEVER name my fans, promise.. that shit is icky

— Lorde (@lordemusic) April 1, 2013

And while she isn't interested in joining the rest of the cool kids by giving a royal honorific to her diehards, Lorde has no problem with being called a pop star. "I wouldn't take offense," she told Look. "People think pop's filthy and shameful. I love pop music! I don't think it's right to s--- on a genre just because some stuff about it isn't perfect. Pop is really powerful and if I'm a pop star then I'll be that tot the best of my ability."