C-Murder Pleads No Contest in Baton Rouge Murder Case

Rapper and brother of Master P could face 10 years on combined cases.

[artist id="958"]Master P's[/artist] brother, rapper [artist id="500952"]C-Murder[/artist], plead no contest on Wednesday (May 27) to multiple counts of attempted second-degree murder charges stemming from a 2001 incident in a Baton Rouge nightclub, according to a local ABC news affiliate.

WBRZ in Louisiana reported that prosecutors will recommend a 10-year sentence for Miller, who is also facing an unrelated, separate murder charge elsewhere in his home state.

The artist, who later changed his name to C-Miller and was born Corey Miller, was scheduled to go to court for the Baton Rouge case this week. But attorneys representing Miller announced the no contest plea in court today. The rapper will be sentenced to jail in 90 days.

According to police reports, Miller allegedly pulled a gun out on a bouncer and the owner of Club Raggs, a north Baton Rouge establishment. Police said Miller pulled the gun and attempted to shoot the owner, Norman Sparrow, but his weapon jammed. Miller then fled the scene before later being arrested.

According to the New Orleans Time-Picayune, Miller is still slated to face trial for a 2002 incident in Jefferson Parrish where the rapper is accused of killing a 16-year-old boy.

Miller has served time in home confinement for the same case after being [article id="1525966"]convicted in 2003.[/article] The Lousiana Supreme Court, however, ordered a new trial after agreeing with a lower court that said the jury in Miller's case should have been made aware of the background of witnesses who testified against the rapper.

Miller's retrial is scheduled to begin August 3 in the Jefferson Parish case and he is set to be sentenced August 25 in the Baton Rogue case. He will remain jailed until his next trial.

MTV News' requests for comment by Master P by MTV News has not been returned as of press time.

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