Katy Perry Debuts Her New Hair Color On Instagram

While the year of rainbow hair might be winding down, Katy Perry has managed to squeeze at least one more color in before it comes to an end. In 2014 alone, Katy's dabbled in green and pink hair, and now, it appears, she has gone purple.

While sharing her OOTD on Instagram—which, BTW, consists of a patterned coat and matching dress, both of which I'd like to procure right now—Katy revealed her new shade. And, no, we're not talking about that very Kylie Jenner/Pantone's Color Of 2015 lipstick she has going on. While Katy had purple hair in 2012, it was a deeper shade—this is like a purple/pink hybrid.

The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne provided more of a full picture of the new 'do—Katy accessorized with a headband. The whole steez is very '60s and we are feeling it. The only question left is: Will she keep the purple until 2015, or will she surprise us with another color soon?!

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