Russell Crowe Saw a UFO, Wants You To Know

Of all Hollywood celebrities you might peg for being conspiracy-theory-buying alien chaser, Russell Crowe would not be high on the list. David Arquette? Maybe. Andy Dick? Most def. Tom Cruise? Well, chances are that guy lives in a spaceship. But Russell Crowe does not a believer seem.

Or so we thought, until he uploaded a video to YouTube in which he claims he saw a UFO outside his office window in Sydney. Considering the impressive production value (although, why should we be surprised that the clip looks movie-ready?), we smell the hint of a hoax, but we're not ready to rule it out just yet. Plus, isn't it fun to imagine Crowe, dressed head-to-toe in "Gladiator" armor chasing down the UFO with his sword to the sky?

Okay, maybe that's just us. Take us with you, Russell (just be gentle with that telephone).

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