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Gorgeously Pregnant Liv Tyler Glows In Lingerie-Clad Portrait Session With A 'Girls' Star

Jessa would totally approve.

Liv Tyler is having the best pregnancy ever, as evidenced by her recent Instagram photos.

We already saw her in stunning silhouette a few weeks ago:

And now, she's shared some more up-close-and-personal pictures. Not only is the actress looking ahhhmazing while proudly bearing her super-cute bump in a set of lacy lingerie, but she's enlisted the help of her good friend – "Girls" star Jemima Kirke – to capture her gorgeous glow permanently.

"So fun to be painted by a friend!" she wrote yesterday.

She then posted a shot of the painter at work, saying, "Beautiful talented special totally 1 of a kind dear friend Jemima Kirke @rafaizzy painting me!!!!!!"

Aside from playing Jessa, our favorite straight-talking "Girls" star, Kirke is also an accomplished artist and mother to two. Considering the fact that this is Tyler's second baby, we're sure these ladies had lots to talk about during their session yesterday – we can't wait to see the results!