Jake Miller Reveals The Secrets Behind His 'Lion Heart ' EP... In GIFs!

Jake explains the inspiration behind each track of his EP before he performs at the EMA kickoff on Sunday, Nov. 9!

The Millertary have been waiting for this moment for quite some time and now they finally have a bunch of new songs from Jake Miller that they can put on repeat.

The up-and-comer released his brand new EP Lion Heart, a compilation of five tracks that show off his wide range and appeal to any mood that you may be in.

Jake, who is co-hosting the EMA kick-off from Miami on Sunday at 7:00 pm ET, stopped by MTV News where he broke down each of the tracks, telling us the stories, the concept and the inspirations behind all of the songs. Plus, he made some super cute GIFs in the process acting out each of his song titles.

So here is Jake breaking down each Lion Heart track:

1."First Flight Home"

Jake packed up his bags to move across the country to Los Angeles for five months to record new songs, and, understandably, he missed his friends and family. But that turned out to be a good thing, since it gave him the inspiration behind his first single.

"It was the first time I was away from home for a big chunk of time and I was just homesick," he said. "I love what I do I love making but sometimes I get homesick and all I really wanted to do was leave the studio go straight to the airport, catch a red eye and surprise my friends and family from home because I hadn't seen them in so long so instead I wrote the song and a lot of people can relate to it."

2."Party In The Penthouse"

Jake Miller sure knows how to throw a party, or at least his friends do, who inspired this up-beat party anthem.

"That's a really fun song, it's basically just about you and your friends gathering all the money that you can for one night breaking open the piggy banks and renting out a penthouse for one night, feeling like you're famous feeling like rock stars," Jake said. "And my friends used to do that when we were in high school. I never did it, but my friends did and I can relate to it. It's kind of symbolic of how I'm living right now."


Jake hooks up with Nikki Flores for the inspirational song, which was written for his fans and essentially by his fans.

"Mostly experiences I heard from fans," Jake said about what stories inspired this song. "All the time at my shows after the show I go outside and meet the fans and I just... they pull me aside all the time crying telling me that my music has helped them and how they feel like they don't matter. I don't want anyone to feel like that and if I have a platform that I can reach to so many people I want to tell them that they shouldn't feel like that because there are other people. So I think it's important to put out a song with that kind of message."

4."Dazed and Confused"

Jake should work with Gym Class Hereos' Travie McCoy more often, because these two certainly know how to make music together giving fans a laid-back funky track.

"This is actually a song that all of my friends are texting me and being like 'I cant believe you made this' and are like 'this is my new favorite song,' he said. "It's a very different song than anything I've ever made which is why I was very skeptical about it and it's very different. It has that west coast laid back feel."

5."Lion Heart"

Jake goes out with a roar on his last track, which just so happens to be his favorite.

"It was the first song I made and it was the first song that I made and played back when the song was completely done and I'm like this is next level Jake Miller and this is what I want the direction of my music for this EP to sound like," he explained. "It's basically just a song I love you the way you are, you're crazy but I love it I would never want to change you. It's just really fun I rap on it, I sing on it its got a little bit of EDM, which will be awesome to perform."

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