'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Mondo Exclusives Will Break Your Heart With Awesome

Rocket Raccoon and Groot hugging is your official Comic-Con aw shucks moment.

Mondo, the people who are probably responsible for that insanely cool movie poster you saw online and love, know how to do San Diego Comic-Con. Each year, the company brings a ton of exclusives to the show floor, where hundreds -- if not thousands -- of attendees lineup in hopes of snagging one of their limited prints.

The company's ongoing relationship with Marvel Studios has resulted in some of the company's most beloved designs, and at this year's Comic-Con, Mondophiles will have the opportunity to pick up posters featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Each member of the Guardians is getting his or her own character poster, including two of the prints MTV is debuting exclusively as a part of our Comic-Con coverage. There are also a few more surprises, like that cute love-fest below, that Mondo has in store for Guardians fans.

Check out the details on three of Mondo's exclusives and read what CEO Justin Ishmael had to say about each.


Rocket Raccoon (VARIANT)

Artist: Kevin Tong

Edition of 150


"It's funny that Rocket Raccoon became a character that people cared about because Kevin, for a really long time, he's been a big raccoon fan. It's funny to say. If you go back and look in posters, he'll always Easter egg in a raccoon here or there. For him to be able to do a sci-fi raccoon shooting a gun was very exciting. He was like, 'If you guys ever get ["Guardians of the Galaxy,"] I'll take it.' That was a no brainer."



Artist: Randy Ortiz

Edition of 300


"It's an action movie. It's a comic book movie. It's a sci-fi movie. But you have one of the main characters reflecting about nature and the fragility of life. I think that was a very cool look, instead of another action-y, jumping, lots of explosions type of poster."


Tree Hugger

Artist: Mike Mitchell

Edition of 225


"That was kind of a joke, and it stuck. This is one of my favorite ones and definitely something that's going to get framed on our side. I like the individual posters, but them as a pair and as a team, they really play off of each other. It's like a bizarro Calvin and Hobbes."

Posters will go on sale at Mondo’s booth (#835) on Friday, 7/25, follow @MondoNews for exact time.

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