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Marvel's 'Daredevil' Is Finally Here -- But What Do The Fans Think?

Plus, get a look at the show's exceptional title-sequence.

Have you been up since 3 in the morning plowing through every episode of "Daredevil?" If so, you're in good company, because it seems like all the comic-loving nerds on Twitter have been doing the exact same thing -- and they are LOVING the new Netflix series so far (spoiler alert, so did we!).

If you're stuck at your day job and can't tune into see Matt Murdock kicking butt in Hell's Kitchen, living vicariously through these lucky people might help. Although, warning: if you suddenly can't control the impulse to watch and get in trouble with your boss, it's totally not our fault.

So, let's see what the Internet has to say about "Daredevil"...

First some Marvel insiders tweeted in anticipation to get the fans pumped:

While others cracked jokes:

then Netflix pushed the button...

Seriously, they have a BUTTON.

And literally everyone went wild.

It's clear that most fans are already obsessed with Charlie Cox:

Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk is also getting some love (literally):

So is the rest of the cast, too:

There's also plenty of ships to... um, shoop?

And let's not forget the action sequences!

So far, it seems like one scene in particular is blowing everyone away...

And, OF COURSE, there's the obligatory fanart.

Even the TITLE sequence has some fans salivating...

And for good reason, to be honest.

Basically, when you get the chance to start watching, do it. You won't be disappointed.