Diddy Joins 'Downton Abbey'... Sort Of

While the period drama claims they just cast their first African-American actor, Diddy's new spoof shows he's actually been there all along.

Diddy surprised everyone Wednesday afternoon when he announced on Twitter that he'd be joining the cast of the PBS period drama "Downton Abbey." Even a rep for the series seemed stunned, telling MTV News in a statement that the announcement was "simply not true."

Apparently PBS hadn't gotten the memo that the rapper/mogul had hooked up with the folks at Funny or Die to spoof the hit series. The parody comes hot on the heels of news that the show has cast its first African-American actor, Gary Carr, who will join the show next season as a jazz musician.

"The only problem with this is, I already broke down that barrier," Diddy says in the video, sitting in his office.

He then introduces his "Downton" reel, in which he plays Lord Wolcott, the new owner of Downton, which he pronounces "downtown." Using footage from the previous seasons of the series, Diddy is edited in, adding some sassy one-liners, sophisticated observations and sexual tension.

When footman Thomas makes a move on him, he's at first taken aback since he's already got crushes on seemingly every woman living in and around Downton. But, all it takes is one more touch from Thomas for him to decide, "I think I have room for you. I love you, Thomas. I'm Lord Wolcott, and I love everybody."

At a garden party where everyone is wearing white, he declares, "Everybody welcome, the first-ever white party. Enjoy yourselves. Have fun." He, of course, his referencing his own real-life bash held in the Hamptons every summer.

Diddy even brings his new-fashioned swagger to the series, trying to get the Dowager Countess and Isobel Crawley to "stop bickering" and kiss each other.

The spoof ends with Diddy back in his office, telling fans they should go pick up the Lord Wolcott-branded "Downton." He said, "Wow, now that was some riveting period drama... I don't know where you can find it at. This is some real 'Masterpiece Theater' right here."

The new season of "Downton Abbey" premieres on PBS on January 4.

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