Did Lupe Fiasco Just Announce His Rap Retirement?

Lupe says <i>Roy</i> will be his final LP.

Lupe Fiasco wants to release three albums this year, but after that, he might be finished -- for good.

The MC hit Twitter Friday (Jan. 8) with the news. “Roy will be my last album,” he said in a tweet. “LUPend.”

Roy is one of the three albums he previously announced for 2016. The other two are Drogas and Skulls.

Fans were confused by this news because Fiasco has said The Cool 2 is slated to drop in 2017. He reiterated this even after his Roy announcement, saying that it will drop Winter 2017.

A fan asked him what The Cool 2 will be exactly, if it won't be an album. Fiasco had a "no comment" reply.

Fiasco might be eyeing a retirement, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting much more music from him this year. Beyond his three planned releases, Lupe -- who is on tour through February -- also seems happy that his debut album turns ten in 2016. And that might result in new music on that front, too.

If he falls back on his retirement promise, Fiasco won't be the first MC to do so. You may recall a certain rapper who reps Marcy Projects once closed the curtains on his career only to return with Kingdom Come. Too $hort and other MCs have done the same.

If it in fact is Lupe's final year, it looks like he at least wants it to be a prolific one.