JC Chasez Gives Up On 'Sex,' Teams Up With Paris Hilton

Singer focusing on ballad after risqué single fails at radio.

JC Chasez is putting a stop to his sex dreams.

After his single "All Day Long I Dream About Sex" failed to ignite much of a spark at radio, perhaps because it was too controversial in the wake of his friend Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl stunt with Janet Jackson, the 'NSYNC singer has scrapped plans to promote the song this summer and will instead focus on "Build My World."

"I'm pretty proud of it," JC said of the ballad last week. "The song is just about everybody, what they're searching for. I finally released a love song. I had fun with my party songs and everything and now I'm releasing a love song, something a little more serious, something that people can sink their teeth into."

Just a few weeks ago, at KIIS-FM's Wango Tango festival in Pasadena, California, Chasez said he had just finished the video for "All Day Long," which he called "the best video I've ever been in." Todd Kellstein (Bon Jovi's "Everyday") directed the clip, which features performance footage along with parodies of porno movies.

"When I told him my ideas and stuff like that, he just got it," Chasez said of Kellstein. "He was just like, 'I'm on it, you got it. You watch it, I'm gonna nail it.' And he sure did, man. Hit a home run."

The "All Day Long" video, however, was not submitted to MTV, and Chasez is now kicking around ideas for "Build My World," which he hopes to shoot in the coming weeks.

Ever since "Some Girls (Dance With Women)" was released earlier this year, Chasez has been arguing that the songs on Schizophrenic are more for fun than controversy. And that includes "All Day Long." "It's just a safe, fun song," he said. "It's talking about 'I think about it, I dream about it, I want it bad.' "

After shooting a video for "Build My World," Chasez will return to the road, headlining club dates and opening for Britney Spears in some cities.

"I've pretty much covered every kind of venue on this tour," JC said. "I've been in stadiums, arenas and clubs, but mainly I've been really beatin' it up in clubs and kind of starting from the ground up. Everyone's heard an 'NSYNC record, but nobody's heard a JC record, so I feel like I have to earn the public's trust. So I've been getting sweaty, shakin' hands and getting down again, and it feels really good. I feel like it's genuine."

In his free time, Chasez has also been helping Robb Boldt, who produced much of Schizophrenic, with his friend Paris Hilton's album.

"She just asked me for some input and things like that, and I'm willing to give it to her," JC said. "She has been a great friend to me over a few years, so when she wanted my ideas, I threw some her way. Whether she uses them or not we'll see. But she's got something in store for everybody. I think everybody will be pretty surprised."

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