'Challenge' Vet Chet Cannon Once Chose Waffles Over Sex

Hear him describe how he navigated his very own 'Virgin Territory'!

It's a tale as old as stone: boy meets girl at music awards show, girl invites boy back to hotel for sex, boy flees the scene and gets breakfast-for-dinner with his bro instead.

Though Chet Cannon is now a married man (congrats, dude!) he was previously religiously obligated to remain celibate. And in the video below, in honor of "Virgin Territory," he shares the story of how he didn't get his V-card swiped.

Here's what went down: The "Free Agents" competitor and fellow "Real World: Brooklyn" cast member Scott Herman met a couple of cute girls at a 2009 Video Music Awards after-party, but when the guys accepted an invitation from their dates to head back to the ladies' hotel, things got a little too heavy. And Chet found himself on the receiving end of a sex request.

"I'm like, 'Woah, kid, I've known you for, like, an hour. I'm not gonna do that,'" he recalls. "'Let me explain to you: I'm a virgin.'"

It only took a beat for Chet and Scott to bolt, but don't pity either: Chet says the guys ended their nights with mouthfuls of syrupy waffles. Sounds like a dream come true to us!

Check out the clip, and watch the next "Virgin Territory" episode Wednesday night at 10/9c!