Gal Gadot And Ezra Miller Have Sweet Interaction With A Young 'Wonder Woman' Fan

It's OK to cry

We've already established how Gal Gadot is the IRL Wonder Woman, but over the weekend, the Wonder Woman star truly cemented her superhero status after a sweet interaction with a tearful young fan on the autograph line went viral.

According to the little girl's mother, her daughter, named Ashley, was so excited to meet Gadot that she began to cry when she reached the front of the line. When the Justice League star saw the young fan's tears, she took her hand and said, "There's no reason to cry anymore, right? Here we are together. We're going to enjoy this moment."

Moments like this remind us how important these superhero films are to young fans. (Look no further than the young boy crying while meeting Batman himself, Ben Affleck, later in the video.) It proves that representation matters, especially to young girls who finally saw themselves on that screen while watching Wonder Woman kick butt and conquer No Man's Land.

For his part, Ezra Miller, who plays Barry Allen (a.k.a. The Flash) in the forthcoming superhero film, was also especially kind to young Ashley. "You're a warrior," he said, noticing her tears. "Your ability to cry is what makes you such a warrior. Come join the Justice League whenever you get ready."

In a world that tells young boys and girls that crying is a sign of weakness, Miller's statement is extremely important and an example of the strength it takes to show that you care. We need more onscreen heroes like this.

"These characters matter and can have a huge influence on young people," Ashley's mother Christine Keller wrote on Facebook. "What a great role model and genuine, nice person. My daughter will always remember this moment for the rest of her life."

It's also a moment the internet won't soon forget.

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