Jim Carroll Guests On New Rancid Album

Rancid have finished recording forty songs for their third album in

record time, and are currently in the final stages of mixing

twenty-two of them at New York's Sound Track. Last week, while the

quartet was over-dubbing at Electric Ladyland, Jim Carroll was in an

upstairs studio taping a radio broadcast. When Rancid found out, they

cornered him (Believe us, being cornered by a man with a twenty-inch

Mohawk is an experience you don't forget) and convinced him to come

downstairs to listen to a rough mix or two. Apparently he liked what

he heard, because he wrote some poetry on they spot, then spouted it

off extemporaneously over a breakdown. What transpired is now called

"Junkie Man" and will appear on Rancid's album, which is due out on

August 22. The band apparently was the toast of the town, clubbing

until all hours, and even being shot for the cover of the July issue

of Details.

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