Jessie J 'Just Wanted To Look Hot' On Her Album Cover

Bang bang! There go some 'Sweet Talker' album details.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

Before Jessie J teamed up with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj to open the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards with a bang (bang), we caught up with her to find out anything and everything we could about her new album on the way.

Out October 14, Sweet Talker will arrive packed with a lot of collaborations -- a metric buttload, to be specific. Joining the 26-year-old Brit's "Bang Bang" ladies on the track listing will be 2 Chainz, Tinie Tempah, and De La Soul -- the last of whom have Jessie so excited, she's literally doing the Beyoncé "Single Ladies" dance over their feature.

The powerhouse vocalist also touched on the LP's "sexy," "risky" title track: "It's like almost I'm saying I want people to sweet-talk with me. Let's be a little bit risky and dangerous and live on the edge."

Sounds good, J, but first we've gotta talk about that album cover because #hayyyy. It turns out that her mama was the sweet talker in that scenario: "I just wanted to look hot. Why not? Get it out. As my mum said, 'Go on, girl! Get your belly out! Get your legs out!'" Mother knows best, clearly.