Zayn's 'Like I Would' Video Was Inspired By The Song You Used To Grind To

Director X reveals why the singer's new video is full of lasers

If you dig deep into your repressed memories of school dances, you'll likely remember an awkward moment when you tried to grind to Usher, Lil Jon, and Ludacris's 2004 hit, "Yeah!" Don't worry, we all embarrassed ourselves at age 16.

Director X was the mastermind behind the "Yeah!" music video, which featured lots of breakdancing and some fancy laser beams. X is also behind Zayn Malik's new "Like I Would" video, as well as Rihanna's "Work" and Drake's "Hotline Bling."

"Yeah!" has a fun, clubby vibe to it, but Director X told Entertainment Weekly he has one big regret about the shoot: There aren't enough lasers.

"If I could go back in time, I would have made ‘Yeah!’ all laser," X said. That's why Zayn's "Like I Would" looks like a laser tag game on steroids, you guys. Director X was simply making up for lost time.

"I enjoy making videos very much a theme. Like you saw with this one ['Like I Would'], it’s the laser theme," X explained. "It’s not just a thing that happens, it’s about the lasers. You saw 'Hotline Bling,' it was a theme. I like to find what a theme is gonna be and just rock with that."

But unlike "Yeah!", "Like I Would" has minimal dancing, and Zayn's manager expected there to be more ~moves~ in the video, X said. But the future looks promising.

"I think there is a dancer inside of him," X continued. "If you look at his performance, you begin to see it. I don’t know how much he embraces it, but as someone who works with dancers and can see potential, I think in a few years, you’re going to be seeing quite an active Zayn onstage. He’s coming out of his shell."

So the only question left now is: Has Zayn ever tried to grind to "Yeah!" and gotten his Usher on? The people need to know.