The ‘Shame Nun’ From 'Game Of Thrones' Looks Totally Different IRL

Leaf, the Night King, and Mag the Mighty clean up nicely as well — who knew?!

Game of Thrones has an abundance of characters who can instantly strike fear into your heart (Ramsay, The Night King, and Joffrey immediately spring to mind). But there’s one who’s arguably icier than the rest: Septa Unella, aka the “Shame Nun” who joined the show last season.



The devoted follower of the High Sparrow became an instant meme after she trailed Cersei on her walk of shame atonement last season, and she’s since become poor Margaery’s worst nightmare. In real life, though (as on Game of Thrones) nothing is as it seems. And as the internet just recently discovered, Septa Unella is totally and completely normal in real life. In fact, she’s actually drop-dead gorgeous.

Actress Hannah Waddingham, who’s also appeared in films like Into the Woods and Les Misérables, cleans up pretty nicely when she’s not draped in a robe and habit, ringing her hella annoying bell like her life depends on it. Take a peep at some of Waddingham’s most glamorous red carpet looks:

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Yep, that is in fact the same woman.

Waddingham’s not the only GOT character whose offscreen appearance may shock you -- take a look at these three other examples:

Leaf/Kae Alexander

Tumblr, Getty Images


Mag the Mighty/Neil Fingleton

Tumblr, Getty Images


Night King/Richard Brake

Tumblr, Getty Images


What do you know... they’re real, normal humans after all!

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