RZA Says 'Man With The Iron Fists' Proves 'Dreams Come True, Kid'

Wu-Tang Clan member opens up to MTV News about what he learned on the set of his directorial debut, which hits theaters November 2.

It's fitting that the RZA's directorial debut would come in the form of a high-action kung-fu flick. The groundbreaking rap producer made the entire music world take notice in 1993 on Wu-Tang Clan's awe-inspiring debut, Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers, by flooding it with samples from martial-arts classics like "Five Deadly Venoms" and "Shaolin and Wu-Tang."

Maybe if the Wu decides to drop another LP, the Abbott can sample from his upcoming film "The Man With the Iron Fists," which hits theaters November 2.

"We all have dreams and we gotta keep in mind that the child you are, is the man you become." RZA told MTV News while talking about his upcoming November 2 film as he walked the red carpet for the [article id="1694694"]2012 BET Hip Hop Awards[/article]. "Dreams come true, kid."

"Iron Fists," which was written by RZA and Eli Roth, stars Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu and tells the story of a blacksmith in feudal China who must defend his village. After spending almost two years filming the movie, RZA learned some important things on set.

"I'll say the most important thing that I learned and I'll share with y'all is preparation. Every man must prepare for the task at hand and I prepared for this," he said. "So far all the critics are saying the movie is a smash, so I'm quite sure you're gonna have fun watching it. More than anything it's a fun movie."

The movie's soundtrack looks to be just as fun. The 15-track LP features Pusha T, Ghostface Killah, the Black Keys and Kanye West. Yeezy contributes [article id="1694741"]"White Dress,"[/article] a song that his friend the RZA is particularity excited about. "Kanye went in, he got a song called 'White Dress,' " RZA told MTV News on Saturday before rapping the hook out loud. "I seen you in the club in a tight dress/ But I picture you in church with a white dress."

When the soundtrack hits on October 23, the 'Ye track is sure to stand out. "Kanye's a dope lyricist, but what he did on this particular song, it ain't 16 bars, he's going like how Ghostface goes," RZA said. "Like, 40 bars, just goin'. He's goin and he's killin' it, yo!"

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