A Look Back At Lauren Conrad And Lo Bosworth's Special Friendship

As the fashion designer prepares to say 'I do,' we remember the BFFs' best times -- from their high school days in 'Laguna Beach' to living together on 'The Hills.'

Lauren Conrad is almost Mrs. Tell, and the California beauty has been celebrating her upcoming nuptials via picturesque bridal-themed festivities with her nearest and dearest. One lovely lady, who has been with the fashion designer through thick and thin, will surely be a part of the big day: Lo Bosworth.

When we first met Lauren and Lo 10 years ago, the vivacious 18-year-olds were sharing rite of passage teenage milestones and always bringing fun to their magical hometown of Laguna Beach. From their spot-on interpretations of social events to their quick quips while judging their circle of friends, LC and Lo were a modern-day Lucy and Ethel.


The gals moved on to the Hollywood "Hills," and while they certainly experienced their fair share of ups and down with their pals, the blond buddies always maintained their friendship -- even after the series wrapped in 2010.

As Lauren prepares to swap vows with William Tell -- and experiences this unbelievable time in her life with Lo at her side -- let's take a look back (in honor of Throwback Thursday) at some special moments the former MTV darlings have experienced through the years:

Michael Muller


Meet Lauren and Lo

Lauren has said she wouldn't have survived her senior year without Lo -- and we believe it. After all, being a part of a love triangle with your longtime friend Stephen and your arch rival Kristin ain't easy without a trusting and reliable sidekick.

Their first fancy shindig, a.k.a the Black and White bash

This was the first of many lavish soirees attended by the glam girls. In later years, they would transition to Los Angeles hot spots like Les Deux (RIP) and weekend getaways to Sin City.

Oh Prom

The teens donned their finest formal frocks -- and in one case, a cutesy floral hair accessory -- as they hit the big dance together, with their dates in tow.

And the ladies wisely made a wardrobe change -- into tanktops and jeans -- at the end of the night.


Bring on the caps and gowns

Vitamin C's classic "Graduation (Friends Forever)" played as they sat next to each other during their graduation ceremony and bid farewell to their high school years.

Reunited and it feels so good

When Lauren and Lo saw each other during holiday breaks, it was like they never spent any time apart.

An unforgettable nickname is born

The story behind the moniker Justin Bobby: Audrina brought a former flame to meet Lauren and Lo, and there was a bit of confusion about how to refer to him. His name is Justin but his buddies refer to him as Bobby, and that spawned one of the greatest nicknames of all time.

Living under the same roof

Lauren and Lo, along with Audrina, moved into a swanky house in Hollywood together. Sure, it wasn't entirely smooth sailing for the trio -- one notable mascara tear was shed during a Lauren/Audrina fight -- but the hometown friends didn't let tension affect their bond.

Welcoming a new member to the household

Can you blame them for wanting to play with puppy Chloe ALL DAY LONG?

Enduring awkward run-ins


The faces above could only be made after bumping into Heidi.

One final house bash

To commemorate their last night in their classy abode, Lauren and Lo invited Brody, Frankie, Stephanie and Audrina to say cheers to the many memories they endured in Tinseltown. Lauren gave a heartfelt toast, adding that she was "very lucky to have good friends."

Red carpet beauties

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Lauren Conrad Lo Bosworth

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Lauren Conrad Lo Bosworth

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Lauren Conrad Lo Bosworth

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Lauren Conrad Lo Bosworth

This is just a sampling of Lauren and Lo attending various events -- and looking extremely stylish while doing it.

Celebrating milestone occasions

Lo Bosworth's Instagram


Shortly after Lo graduated from culinary school, the newly minted chef spent some QT with Lauren and their Laguna pal Jilly Hendrix.

The bachelorette bash a.k.a. #Don'tTellMrTell

Lo Bosworth's Instagram


As Lauren began to say goodbye to the single life -- and all the frogs she kissed along the way -- the entrepreneur jetted off to Cabo San Lucas for a bona fide BFF fest. The Instagram hashtag #DontTellMrTell was employed during the fabulous fete, and Lo posted this group shot of Lauren with her entourage. We can't get enough of the bride's big white bow headpiece. A possible veil option, perhaps?

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