'Black Panther' Comic Gets A Surprising (And Awesome) New Author

Surprising, but it makes total sense.

While the world at large has been buzzing about this and that installment of the "Avengers" franchise for years now, there's a new star in the comics world: Black Panther.

Between the announced solo movie and the existing comic book, the character has been making waves. The speculation around who will direct the Chadwick Boseman-starring movie set for a 2018 release has been swirling, with "Selma" director Ava DuVernay already bowing out of proceedings, and now Marvel has announced a new addition on the comic side of the franchise that's turning heads.

Atlantic staff writer Ta-Nehisi Coates will write a new line of the "Black Panther" comics title starting spring 2016, the New York Times reported.

Coates is one of the most prominent voices commenting on race today, and a nominee for this year's nonfiction prize for the National Book Award.

“I don’t experience the stuff I write about as weighty,” Coates said. “I feel a strong need to express something. The writing usually lifts the weight. I expect to be doing the same thing for Marvel.”

The storyline will last a year and will be called "A Nation Under Our Feet." Black Panther, who was the first black superhero, will have to grapple with the uprising of a superhuman terrorist group called The People.

"I want to make a great comic," Coates said. "I really, really do.”