Ryan Reynolds Expertly Trolls Blake Lively With Unflattering Snapshots

Love is a series of unflattering pictures

Ryan Reynolds proved there's a little bit of Deadpool inside him with his latest stunt: trolling wife Blake Lively on her 32nd birthday.

The actor posted a hilarious series of snapshots on to Instagram where Blake has her eyes closed, is looking away from the camera, or was otherwise caught at an unflattering angle. Most people would probably be furious at their significant other for not sticking to their "good side," but given this couple's penchant for fun and pranking each other, we know Blake's probably had a big laugh about it all.

Every single picture in the collection has Blake out of focus, eyes closed, or even out of the photo entirely. It's a fun prank that she'll no likely get a kick out of. Considering Blake surprised Ryan with a heartfelt gift recently in the form of a specially-commissioned portrait, he's likely already got something super romantic and amazing planned – or maybe something even funnier than this collection of blooper-like photographs.

Unfortunately, we've yet to see what Blake responded in turn with (likely because she's still living up her birthday), but you can bet Ryan is probably keeping her comfortable and happy given that she's pregnant with the couple's third child. The pair are expected to welcome their new bundle of joy later this year.

Lively broke the news that a new baby was on the way back in May, when she debuted her baby bump in a Pikachu yellow dress during hubby Reynolds' Detective Pikachu premiere. Honestly, what with the birthday pranks, the touching gifts, and all the hilarity we see from the couple on a regular basis, they're giving us some straight #couplegoals envy right now.

We're now taking bets on what Blake's official clapback will be. Our money is on a series of equally hilarious pics of Ryan looking, shall we say, not his best.