Jay-Z Rides With Dale Earnhardt Jr., Races Danica Patrick In Comeback Clip

'Show Me What You Got' video shot in Monaco, set to premiere Monday.

Now that Jay-Z's new single "Show Me What You Got" has leaked to radio, he's wasting no time pushing forward with the accompanying visuals.

The video for "Show Me What You Got," shot by veteran director F. Gary Gray (Ice Cube, Outkast) -- not Hype Williams, as reported earlier -- is set to premiere on Monday (see [article id="1542591"]"Start The 'Show': Jay-Z's Trumpet-Filled Comeback Single Leaks Online"[/article]). The song marks Jay-Z's first offering from Kingdom Come, his long-rumored comeback album slated to hit shelves November 23 via Roc-A-Fella/ Def Jam Records (see [article id="1540898"]"Jay-Z's 'Retirement' Is Finally Over: New Album Due In November"[/article]).

[article id="1542828"](Click here for photos of Jay-Z and his racing friends from the 007-style "Show Me What You Got" video.)[/article]

Shot on location overseas in Monaco, the video finds Jay-Z in espionage mode, sporting a James Bond attitude in car and boat chase scenes.

"It just felt fun," the rapper told MTV News of the Just Blaze-helmed track. "I didn't want to put too much on it. I didn't want to go super heavy [or] complex with the lyrics. It's almost like this male/female banter. Show me what you got, purdy lady. That was needed. It's basically a fun record."

Pro race car drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Danica Patrick make cameos in the clip. The four-minute video opens with Jay-Z riding shotgun with Earnhardt as he and Patrick dash through the famously treacherous roads above Monaco, racing each other in pricey European sports cars. Next, Jay is out on the water traveling in a speedboat with no entourage in tow. The Def Jam president and another boat, full of ladies, pace back and forth taking turns trying to one-up each other with tricks.

When Jay-Z docks his boat, he lands on an exclusive resort for the club scene and a high-stakes game of poker. And as the card bout gets tense, Jay-Z casually dismisses a waiter attempting to deliver him a bottle of Cristal, which the rapper called for a boycott of recently due to disparaging remarks made toward black people by the champagne maker's managing director. His new drink of choice? That'd be Veuve Clicquot.

Kingdom Come is expected to feature contributions from Just Blaze, Kanye West and possibly acts from his Def Jam roster, including Young Jeezy.

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