Jennifer Lawrence And Josh Hutcherson Really Love How Much You Love 'The Hunger Games'

When you burn with 'Hunger Games' love, they burn with you.

You know how you feel about "The Hunger Games"? That's how the stars of the movies feel about you.


Yesterday marked the much-anticipated panel for "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2" at San Diego Comic-Con, where Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, and Willow Shields joined the filmmakers for a mind-blowing peek at the very last movie in the "Hunger Games" franchise.

But when the last "Mockingjay" secret had been revealed, the stars of the film weren't quite finished. They still had some important things to say about what it was like to be at their last SDCC as a cast -- and how you, the fans, make it all worthwhile.

For Jennifer Lawrence, your love is the best part of being there.


"It's intense. It's great feeling the fan love at Comic-Con, that's the greatest part about it, and I think Josh and Liam and I are just soaking up every second," Jennifer admitted.

Josh Hutcherson believes that the SDCC "Hunger Games" fans are in a class by themselves.


"The fans of 'Hunger Games' are rabid, and Comic-Con fans of 'Hunger Games'? It's like the ultimate tier of fandom," he said.

Willow Shields just cares about you, and wants you to be happy.


Prim and Katniss Dance Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer

"These fans have been amazing," she said. "We're trying to give them this last, amazing experience. We want them to have closure, and we want them to have a lot of fun watching it."

And Liam Hemsworth? He's freaking out about "Mockingjay" right along with you.


Gale in The Hunger Games GIF

"I saw the trailer for the first time today," Liam said. "I felt like breaking a chair afterwards out of pure excitement."

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