Miley Cyrus Reprising 'In-Your-Face' Role On 'Two And A Half Men'

Cyrus will return to her role as Missi in an episode airing on November 8.

She's back! Miley Cyrus is ready to rock the lives of the characters on [article id="1695867"]"Two and a Half Men"[/article] once again when she returns for her second appearance on the show on November 8.

In a still teased on EW's website, the platinum blond actress/singer, who plays Missi, is spotted alongside the show's two and a half men, Angus T. Jones, Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher. She'll be back to meet up with Jones' character, Jake, whom she sparked a little romance with during her last appearance earlier this month. And, if her last episode's ratings say anything (she raised them 14 percent to nab 13.6 million viewers during the October 17 episode), it's that people will be welcoming her back with open arms.

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"I've been wanting to work with Ashton forever and I couldn't really take time away to do a movie from my record right now. So, we wanted to work together, then we thought 'Two and a Half Men' would be the quick and easy way to do it. It turned out to be something that I loved so much I came back for a second episode," she said earlier this month about [article id="1695791"]her part on the show[/article], before opening up a bit about her character, Missi, who is the daughter of one of Walden's (Kutcher) old pals.

"I think it's fun for the show, because what we thought was fun about my character is everyone that came on, even when Charlie was there, it was, 'Who's going to sleep with Charlie?' or, 'Who's going to sleep with Ashton?' And that's so not my character," she said. "My character is just so in your face and blunt and really kind of puts Ashton back in his place. It's really fun and they've never really had a girl character come on like that."

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