Who Should Play Elvis In Baz Luhrmann's Biopic?

Just saying, Leo would look pretty cool with muttonchops.

It looks like we'll be seeing another Baz Luhrmann spectacle again, this time to the mid-century strains of Elvis Presley.

The director, who brought us a technicolor "The Great Gatsby" and perhaps the original jukebox musical (with a twist), "Moulin Rouge!", is in negotiations with Warner Bros. to direct an as-yet-untitled Elvis biopic, The Wrap reported.

Luhrmann, known for his modernized imaginings of classic tales, would surely bring those sensibilities to a biopic of The King. We're thinking Velvet Elvis, but on film. And guess what? We're not mad about it.

Ahead, check out our six picks for actors to don Presley's iconic jumpsuits and muttonchops.

Leonardo DiCaprio

As we know from "Romeo + Juliet" and the more recent "The Great Gatsby," Luhrmann loves him some Leo. With a little makeup and fabulous costuming, the 39-year-old DiCaprio would be a totally plausible ageing Elvis.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

As far as we're concerned, JoGo would be the perfect pick to play the young, charismatic Presley. He isn't a Luhrmann vet, but we can't imagine he'd object to some hypersaturation and not-of-this-world effects. Plus, he can dance til the cows come home. Swoon.

Tobey Maguire

Maybe we just want to see the erstwhile Spider-Man eat a peanut butter-banana-bacon sandwich, or maybe we just haven't gotten enough of him in a onesie yet. Either way, it would be an intriguing reunion for Luhrmann and his "The Great Gatsby" leading man.

Kyle Chandler

Hear us out: he may not be the first actor that comes to mind, but Kyle Chandler could play the weathered older version of The King. It's definitely out of the mold of government officials and coaches (Coach!) we've seen him play in the past, but maybe a fat suit and a new role is just what Chandler needs. Not to mention we'd take every word he says very seriously, because, well, clear eyes, full hearts, you know the rest.

James Franco

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James Franco

From the Wizard of Oz to The King? We could see it happening. Franco has a talent for on-screen transformation and commitment to roles that makes it somewhat surprising that he hasn't collaborated with Luhrmann before.

Ewan McGregor

Dude can do anything. He's Obi Wan! If Luhrmann can get him to sing on top of an elephant, he can get him to sing in an all-white onesie as a slightly older Presley. We'd watch.

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