Julianne Moore's Oscar Win Just Extended Her Life By Five Years

Moore won Best Actress for her turn in 'Still Alice.'

Good news, everyone! Oscar winner Julianne Moore just guaranteed that she'll be around at least five years longer than scheduled.

During her Best Actress acceptance speech at the Academy Awards, the "Still Alice" star reported the happy news that her lifespan has been extended -- at least, according to what she's read.

"I read an article that said that winning an Oscar could lead to living five years longer," she said. "If that's true I'd really like to thank the Academy because my husband is younger than me."

Beyond earning a few extra years, Moore's Oscar win gave her the opportunity to champion the cause at the heart of "Still Alice." In the movie, Moore plays a woman who suffers from early on-set Alzheimer's Disease; during her speech, she said the Best Actress victory gives her the chance to help spread awareness about the illness.

"I'm thrilled that we could shine a light on Alzheimer's disease," she said. "So many people with this disease feel isolated and marginalized. One of the beautiful things about movies is it makes us feel seen and not alone. People with Alzheimer's deserve to be seen, so we can find a cure."