'Girls' Set To Hang With Beck, Miguel And More On New Season

Lena Dunham's hit HBO show will feature new music from a host of big-name acts.

[article id="1717960"]Girls"[/article] returns to HBO this Sunday, with a fresh new soundtrack to all that millennial angst and/or nudity.

In a new interview with, the show's music supervisor, Manish Raval, revealed that the show has scored brand-new songs from Miguel, Beck, Lily Allen, Christina Perri and Jenny Lewis, which will be featured throughout its third season.

"It's the same sound, same vibe, but one thing that's different this season is we've had the luxury of getting people to contribute brand-new songs for us," Raval said. "We were in a fortunate position where we were able to get access to a lot of great songwriters and bands to give us new material or write us new material for the show. A lot of that stuff will appear on the soundtrack, which we're working on right now."

Over the course of its first two seasons, "Girls" has worked in songs like [article id="1708729"]Icona Pop's "I Love It,"[/article] Robyn's "Dancing on My Own" and Fleet Foxes' "Montezuma" to tremendous effect, and this season is no different. In fact, according to Raval, music plays an integral role throughout the new episodes.

"The Jenny Lewis [song] scores a very emotional moment that happens in the second episode, where the case is reunited with Jessa. I love the song, I love the moment, I love the last image of that moment. I think that's my favorite spot of the season," he said. "This season, a big chunk of an episode is based around a Harry Nilsson song. It's something we haven't done before ... we have an episode this season that has an artist covering a Warren Zevon song. There isn't anyone who we wouldn't use. I think that's the rule with this show; there should be no rules."

Raval wouldn't divulge the names of the new tracks, though he did say that Beck's contribution is taken from his upcoming Morning Phase album. He also revealed that, apparently, if you're Lena Dunham, it's incredibly easy to get Miguel to write a tune for you.

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