Lil Wayne Forming Supergroup With T-Pain, Announces 'Carter III' Tour Plans

'We both have the same energy,' Weezy says of T-Pain.

One is hip-hop's king of collaborations. The other is his R&B equivalent. For once, you can believe the rumors: Lil Wayne and T-Pain indeed have plans to form a supergroup.

Weezy confirmed the report with a simple "Yeah" on Monday in Los Angeles, where he was filming his spot in Cassie's new video "Official Girl" before he performed later in the day at a sold-out House of Blues.

Pain has been publicly hinting about the venture, but didn't come right out and say Wayne's name. Weezy said it's true.

"We both have the same energy," he said. "I don't sleep. If you ask anybody, I don't sleep. I think it's the cousin of death. As much as you sleep, you're impersonating death to me. He don't sleep. I play all day. He plays all day and all night. The connection is crazy. He loves to be creative, he loves to work; I love to create, I love to work. He really wants people to respect his rapping; I really want people to respect my harmonizing."

One thing Weezy doesn't have to worry about is getting respect. [article id="1588601"]Tha Carter III[/article] is on track to be the top-selling album in the country come Wednesday. It's just a matter of the numbers right now: Will he [article id="1589148"]sell a million copies[/article] or end up somewhere in the high 900,000s?

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As for selling over 400,000 copies in his first day of release, Weezy humbly said, "I'm surprised," but did note that he didn't think about what his numbers would be prior to the tally.

Wayne also announced that on June 27, he'll be starting his tour in support of the LP. The outing shares the same name as his album.

"I just want people to leave the show and feel like they saw something that they gonna remember forever," he said of Tha Carter III tour. "You know how our parents always tell us about some concert they went to [back in the day], but they remember it like yesterday? I want that to be every night, every city for me.

"I'mma stay in my lane and what makes it great for me," he said of [article id="1582229"]the performance[/article]. "I can't do no more, or no less."

Further details on Wayne's tour and album with T-Pain were not available at press time.

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