'Spider-Man' Reboot Is 'Risky,' Says David Fincher

Earlier this year, director David Fincher was reportedly on Sony's shortlist to direct the "Spider-Man" reboot, alongside fellow filmmakers Wes Anderson ("Rushmore"), and Marc Webb ("500 Days of Summer"), who eventually got the job.

Even though he won't be directing the newest cinematic adventures of Peter Parker onscreen, Fincher told MTV News that while he feels that the reboot is exciting, it also carries some drawbacks as well.

"It's risky," offered Fincher. "They're taking some risks. It's not like they're [getting] a conventional director. They're going at it in a different way... They're rolling the dice. I think that's always exciting."

Back in 2009, Fincher revealed that he had been under consideration to direct the first "Spider-Man" film, but ultimately passed because he didn't connect with the material.

"I took a meeting and I easily got myself out of that one," related Fincher. "I've never been interested in [superhero movies]. I just could not imagine someone getting bit by a radioactive spider."

Despite Fincher's attempt to divorce himself from superhero movies, Andrew Garfield — the latest actor to portray Spider-Man — is also starring in Fincher's upcoming film "The Social Network."

"I can't imagine [Garfield] in spandex, I can't imagine him being comfortable," said Fincher. "He's a wonderful actor, he's incredibly skilled and empathic and a lovely guy. So it's nice to see that."

Fincher is also attached to produce Eric Powell's "The Goon" as an animated feature.

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