Miley Cyrus' Mom Answers Her Haters: I'm 'Right Here'

In a tender moment from Wednesday's 'Miley: The Movement,' Tish lets everyone know that she's always been at her daughter's side.

We're just one day away from "Miley: The Movement," and with a new clip out, we have a sneak peek at what the MTV documentary will look like. Instead of seeing hard-core dancing or jumping out of planes, Smilers will witness a tender moment in Miley Cyrus' crazy life.

The clip centers on Miley's relationship with her mother, Tish. In rehearsal, Miley clutches a microphone while Tish massages her shoulder, feeling a giant stress knot in her back. Together, they work out her muscles with little squeezes and rolls.

"My mom is my homey," Miley says. "If I win, she wins -- not because she's my manager; because she's my mom."

Many tabloids and grimacing gossipers scorn Miley's style and decisions (you remember the backlash after the VMAs, right?), asking "What does Billy Ray think of this?" or "Where are her parents?" And beside the fact that many of those haters forget that Cyrus is a mature 20 years old, Tish still wants those people to know that she's fully in support of her daughter.

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"Anyone that's ever said, 'Where's her mother?' " Tish begins, answering, "Right beside her -- through good, through bad, through arguments, through crying, through I don't care what -- right there."

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Miley's album, Bangerz, started streaming on iTunes on Monday, two days before the Wednesday premiere of her new documentary. Ready for a full hour of Miley? Tune into MTV on October 2 at 10 p.m. ET for "Miley: The Movement."

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