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Nina Dobrev Celebrates 10 Million Followers By Taking A ‘Shot’ For Each One

*LMFAO voice*: Shots shots shots shots

Cheers to Nina Dobrev for starting her Halloweekend with a bang. When she found out she just hit 10 million Instagram followers, she celebrated with a little a lot of liquid courage in honor of her fans.

"To show my gratitude, I have decided to do 10 million shots," The Vampire Diaries alum joked in a hilarious video Friday (October 28). "This is for you guys."

Obviously no real alcohol was involved, because duh. But no liquor was necessary for Dobrev to act out her slow downward spiral. Shot #25 goes down easy, but the next couple thousand don't work out so well.

Three weeks and countless Solo cups later, Dobrev finally completes her self-imposed challenge. Bottoms up!